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At our place or YOURS

From a dozen oysters to a custom platter, a lot of our guests simply order to go and enjoy in the comfort of their apartments or houses. I recommend dropping in to our store when you arrive (ideally between 4-5pm) and let us help you plan a seafood feast for your family and friends. Or call or email if more convenient. 09012037879


  • King Red Crab  "Taraba" Legs

    Price approximate per leg (sold per gram).  Red King Crab or "Tarabagani" is a delicacy prized by Japanese and worldwide crab lovers for its succulent sweet meat and size. Ezo Seafoods stocks King Red legs, sourced from the icy waters of the Bering Sea - the famed Alaskan King Crab made famous by the TV documentary DEADLIEST CATCH. We price the legs by gram weight. These are an...



  • Oysters on display at the Ezo Seafoods oyster bar

    Akkeshi oysters are the stars of the Hokkaido oyster world and are served at astronomical prices in the oyster bars of Tokyo and Sapporo. The experience of eating these only lasts for a moment, but leaves you in a fleeting state of grace. They are raised in the calm protected waters of Miyagi and then transferred to lantern nets in colder plankton rich waters of Akkeshi after 6 months. They...


Smoked Salmon

  • Natural Smoked Salmon

    1 SIDE OF SALMON. AROUND 25 SLICES. This smoked salmon is a flavor powerhouse and will leave you gasping for superlatives. The wild salmon is sourced off the north eastern coast of Hokkaido in Shibetsu, which is generally regarded as the best salmon in Hokkaido. It is actually smoked by the fisherman's wife -- Naoko! The salmon is caught in October, smoked in November and ready for your...



  • Ezo Seafood Platter (M)

    Ideal for 2-3 adults, this impressive platter includes 7 types of seafood including King crab legs (Abura crab), calamari rings, scallop sashimi, oysters, smoked salmon, tuna, prawns, plus a variety of garnishes, wasabi and soy sauce. The platter is decorated beautifully, and comes on a platter for immediate serving. (Note. Contents may vary depending on availability of fresh seafood). PLEASE...



  • MARKET PRICE. "Uni" is the delicate roe of the sea urchin and enjoyed by seafood connosieurs as sashimi. Hokkaido's "Uni" is rated amongst the highest quality in the world. We source from both Hokkaido areas of Nemuro and Hamanaka and the nearby Northern Islands.  The price varies daily, but Northern Island Uni is around ¥7000 per tray, while premium Hokkaido...


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