Hokkaido seafood specialists

From the moment you enter Ezo Seafoods, you know that you are close to the heart of Hokkaido seafood.  Display cases and live seafood tanks brim with fresh fish, crab and array of seafoods. It is always a hive of activity, with staff shuttling seafood back and forth from the kitchen, front counter staff shucking oysters and cutting crab for seafood plates that hit the tables with an urgency that started the morning before when the seafood left the ocean for the last time.

Seafood sourced daily

Once the seafood leaves the ocean, there is a race against time to get it onto your table. To minimise time lag, and to get first pick of the market's fresh seafood, Ezo Seafoods owner James drives 5 hours to and from the Sapporo Wholesale Markets every day the markets are open.  The drive underscores Ezo Seafoods' commitment to serving seafood at peak freshness, variety and knowledge about source.

Display style menu

At Ezo Seafoods Oyster Bar, there is no paper menu. All of our seafood is displayed in open display cases and live seafood tanks. Our staff give you a quick overview of the day's fish and make recommendations based on your preferences. Depending on the fish you select, for example, we will recommend either grilling, braising or steaming the fish. It is a seafood only menu, though we also serve soups, salads and side dishes including fried rice, noodles and potato wedges.

"Omakase" style

For many, the choice of seafood is overwhelming and we are regularly asked to simply prepare a course based on what is fresh and seasonal. This is called "Omakase" in Japanese, or "chef's selection." Whether we choose or you choose we always recommend the same: start with some cold seafood such as oysters, crab and sashimi; then share some cooked, one plate dishes such as pan fried scallops, calamari or whitebait; then choose a fish or two - such as cod acquapazza, braised Kinki fish etc. 

Dining Rooms

Front room - 5 tables
Upstairs room - 5 tables

We have two dining rooms. The tables in the front room are smaller and grouped quite closely together. It is suitable for small groups or couples. In the upstairs room, the tables are bigger and there is more space between tables affording more privacy. It is suitable for families or bigger groups. If you have a preference for dining room please let us know, however we cannot guarantee that we can always seat you in your preferred dining room or table.

NISEKO 170-165 Aza Yamada, Kutchan, Hokkaido, JAPAN 044-0081

IZU 145-17 Kuchino, Numazu, Shizuoka, JAPAN 410-17

No telephone

email: james@ezoseafoods.com

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