Seafood platters to go

If you cannot get a reservation at Ezo, or simply want to enjoy cold seafood in the relaxing atmosphere of your own ski lodge, our seafood platters are a perfect option. Ordering is simple. Just select a platter from the menu below, and email your order. We collect payment in advance by PAYPAL. You specify a time for collection between 5:15pm and 6pm and collect at our Niseko Hirafu storefront.


(3-5 PEOPLE) ¥22,000 (EXCL. 8% TAX)

Snow Crab (8 legs)

Oysters (8 pieces)

Trout Salmon Sashimi (8 slices)

 Tuna Sashimi (8slices )

Scallop Sashimi (2 shellfish)

Prawns (8 pieces)



(3-4 PEOPLE) ¥28,700 (EXCL. 8% TAX)

King Crab (3 legs)

Oysters (16 pieces)

Trout Salmon Sashimi (8 slices)

Tuna Sashimi (8 slices )

Scallop Sashimi (2 shellfish)

Prawns (8 pieces)

Photo indicative - does not include image of tuna


(3-4 PEOPLE) ¥11,600 (EXCL. 8% TAX)

Tuna Sashimi (10 slices )

Trout Salmon Sashimi (10 slices)

Hamachi Sashimi (10 slices )

Scallop Sashimi (3 shellfish)


(3-4 PEOPLE) ¥11,000 (EXCL. 8% TAX)

Oysters (24 pieces) Opened and ready to serve

Custom Platter

You design! Dream up a combination of seafoods to suit your group and we will prepare something spectacular for you.


Feel free to ask for special orders such as Geoduck, Kinki Fish sashimi, Hairy Crab, Botan Shrimp etc.

(Please note Bluefin Tuna is no longer available and will be replaced by Yellowfin Tuna)

Tray of Uni

market price

Hokkaido and Northern Territory (Russia) Uni sea urchin is one of the highly sought after delicacy's of Japan. 

(from ¥9,000 per tray to ¥16,000 depending on grade and availability)

King Red Crab

market price

The King of Crab! We stock live King Red Crab ("Taraba gani") sourced from the icy cold waters of the Ohtsuka Sea. ​Sizes vary from 2.5 kgs to 3.5 kgs. We boil, cut up and prepare on a platter for takeout. (currently ¥15,000 per kilo)


NISEKO 170-165 Aza Yamada, Kutchan, Hokkaido, JAPAN 044-0081

IZU 145-17 Kuchino, Numazu, Shizuoka, JAPAN 410-17

No telephone

email: james@ezoseafoods.com

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